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An uncommon man.
Of deep conviction and perseverance
his vision runs Crescent today
for the benefit of the teachers, staffs, students,
alumni and the society.

Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choice. The man who changed his destiny hailed from a middle-class family at Kilakarai, Ramanathapuram District, Tamil Nadu, reaching the pinnacle of success by his ultimate choice of perseverance and elegance. Dr. Buhari Syed Abdur Rahman, a well known personality in the field of Education, Economy and Industry and was also a Philanthropist par excellence.

Amidst his numerous achievements as an entrepreneur and educationist, B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology has always been his very special brainchild that has been providing unparalleled quality education until now and in the future. Deep-rooted in his values, this institution is growing stronger each day with its aspiration to evolve as a world premier institution.

A Visionary with a Mission:

He is a well-known personality in the field of Social Works, Education, Business, etc. Besides his business activities, he concentrates on the upliftment of the economically weaker sections and minorities through Education, Employment, Health facilities, and Rural Development.


Educational Trust & Institutions:- A firm believer in helping to educate the poor and the deprived, Abdur Rahman has been determinedly establishing a widespread network of education institutions that provide numerous opportunities for the needy. Founder of Seethakathi Trust, Est. 1967 and All India Islamic Foundation (AIIF) Est.1979.


A total of 12 Educational Institutions comprising of a leading Engineering University, a Women’s College, an Arabic college for men, 2 boys schools, 3 girls schools, women nursing college, a teachers training institute, B.Ed college for women and 2 hospitals and orphanages in both urban and rural areas in the State of Tamil Nadu. A few among from the above Trusts are listed below:-


Higher Education:- Chancellor of B.S Abdur Rahman University, Chennai providing World-Class Technical Education, offering 12 UG, 19 PG and 18 Ph.D programmes. The student and faculty strengths are 5656 and 338 respectively with 85 Ph.D holders. Founder of Thassim Beevi Abdul Kader College for Women, Kilakarai, Tamil Nadu The College offers 12 UG Programs, 5 PG Programs and about 10 Career Oriented Programmes.


Schools / Training Institutes:- The Schools and Training Institutions founded by Dr. B.S. Abdur Rahman include Crescent Residential Boys Matriculation School at Chennai, Crescent Matriculation School for Girls in Chennai, Madurai and Nagore. Also a B.Ed College, a Teacher Training Institute and a Nursing Centre for Women at Madurai.

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